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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Well, have been trying to edit this page and add some things, but for some reason, can't edit or compose...Have no idea what to try next...testing to see if this will post. Hmmm...can add to or edit this post, but not the old ones. Whaaaah! What is my problem, here? Hmm... can add to or edit if set on HTML, but not if on COMPOSE...Any suggestions?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Just finished stitching some 'ditty bags'...nice, grungy cloth bags for sewing needfuls, seeds, misc. items. They have drawstring closures and each has a patch. Each comes with surprise contents...
Approx. 6"X8"        $6.50 each plus shipping

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Limping along...

Hello there friends! I know, I know! I've been long gone...

Remember those crutches? Well, I ended up having knee surgery...At first, I regretted doing so, but now that I am working with a physical therapist, things are getting better...Still 'limping along' but every day brings less pain and more strength...
Now, if only the rest of "life" would get on the right track, we would be doing great! LOL
I was looking through some of my favorite smalls around the cabin and found a few things for sale. I do hope you find something you must have...If so, just email and let me know how I can help you.
(Hope to have a few more things in the next week or so...keep checking)

Well friends, it's been a long time since I've worked on any dolls, but while I was recovering from knee surgery, nothing to do but "play with my dolls". LOL 
A friend had made these doll bodies for me a long time ago, so I just knew I needed to dress these folks in something special ! Hope you like them and their accessories.  I will have more of these coming during the summer.
SOLD Thank you

Boy doll. 17"  Striped britches and is holding a burlap bag filled with N.C. sheeps wool and also a bag of seeds.   $22.00 plus shipping

Black doll.  18"   Bonnet, apron w/pocket, ditty bag and quilt piece. She also has a special basket necklace.    $24.00  plus shipping

Nice small pie pans and plate.  Two pans 1" X 6".  One plate  6".
Two pie pans for one price...   $15.00 plus shipping
One small plate.....$8.00 plus shipping

A few of my old gray enamel goods...Special little pot great for holding a votive candle or small jar candle.  2 1/4"X4 1/2" (8" w/handle)
Neat old gray cooking spoon shows wear.  9 1/2"
Both pot and spoon for one price...     $15.00 plus shipping 

Excellent condition. Old small yellowware bowl w/brown & white bands. I've had this for at least 15 or more years and have not seen another like it. 2 1/2" X 4 1/4".
$24.00 plus shipping

Sweet 'rooster' candle mat.  7 1/2" round.    $5.00 plus shipping

Theeeee cutest little old yellowware bowl w/blue & white bands. Old chip on bottom and one on rim.
2" X 3 3/4"     $24.00 plus shipping SOLD Thank you

Love this old early bowl with handpainted details. Nice shape/size. 2 1/2"X5"
$10.00 plus shipping